The GCCBA Library provides vital support for on-going teaching programmes and research at GCCBA. The library is rapidly developing its collection of books, reference books, periodicals, and electronic resources. At present, the Library has a collection of over 6589+ books, which includes, in addition to text books and reference books, a fine collection of books on Literature and English Language and a select collection of books on Sports, Biographies, and General Interest titles. The Magazines and Newspaper Section includes popular Magazines and Newspapers both in English and Hindi. Online Information Resources are vital for academic and research institutes in today’s knowledge economy. The library provides its users access to more than three online databases + e-journals. The Reading Hall provides a peaceful environment conducive to study.


Sr. No Items Total No
01 Books 6589
02 Book Bank 774
03 CD/DVD 224
04 Newspapers 15
05 Magazines 35
06 Online Databases 03
07 Offline database 01